Exhibition folder
Jewish Museum Vienna

November 21, 2003 - May 15, 1994

"This is where Teitelbaum lived..."
A walk through time and space in Jewish Vienna

This opening exhibition of the Museum presents a pointed and compressed history of Jewish Vienna: a walk-on city map of 1931 forms the point of departure for a presentation of the most diverse elements of Jewish Vienna"s cultural history. This city map contains excerpts from old city maps that document both specific eras of history and specific subjects: while the overall map presents Vienna in general, each of these excerpts deals with a particular facet of the history and culture of Viennese Jewry. Selected objects - partly from the ample collections of the Museum - will additionally illustrate these aspects. Explanatory historical texts form a link between the presented objects and themes. Yet this presentation does not aim at a complete picture of the history of Viennese Jewry; rather, the aspects presented are to document the numerous impulses that the Jews of Vienna have contributed to the city"s culture and intellectual life. This also emphasizes the great potential lost to emigration and holocaust. The name "Teitelbaum" aptly underlines this fact: while the Viennese directory of 1938 gave sixteen addresses for this name, the modern telephone directory of Vienna (1993/94 edition) has no entry for "Teitelbaum"...

Curator: Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek
Exhibition architecture: Martin Kohlbauer
Graphic design: Maria-Anna Friedl

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